Traveling through Iceland, one of the most amazing and remote countries on Earth, we had the great experience of tasting one of the most pristine and natural waters in the world, it fascinated us.

Something vital as water, which defined that beautiful land. This is the reason why we decided to create Innflutt-Aqua S.L., a family business, in order to bring you all our purity water frozen in time.

We believe in the values of professionalism and unique treatment. Our goal is to provide maximum customer satisfaction by offering the best service and advice.

We are dedicated exclusively to import Icelandic Glacial in the country, since we value quality and well-being.


Long before the human being reached the remote island of Iceland, a gigantic volcanic eruption created the deep mana of Ölfus Spring. For 5,000 years, this water has slowly seeped through of volcanic rock layers, creating an exceptional purity.